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Mariah Carey's Wicked Witch Says It's Officially Holiday Season

The queen of Christmas has spoken.

If Mariah Carey ever gets tired of being the "Queen of Christmas" she might be able to switch over to the "Queen of Halloween" if her latest Instagram post is any indication.

In what is becoming a tradition of its own; members of Carey's devoted fan base wait on the "All I Want For Christmas" singer to signal when they can begin playing the singer's holiday classic signaling the beginning of the holiday season. According to Carey, that time is when the clock strikes 12 on Halloween.

In the latest post, Carey dresses up like a sexy witch (or her altar-ego Bianca) and in true Carey fashion hops on a Peleton. The whole moment is reminiscent of her iconic episode of MTV Cribs.

Are you ready for the Holiday Season?


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