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LGBTQ+ Leaders questioning the purpose of Pride

As a lot of LGBTQ+ and supporters enjoy pride month parties and parades, most people may have not have given much thought to the actual validity of Pride month celebrations. But for some LGBTQ leaders, 2019 Pride has served as a time to share how Pride is not living up to the entire communities' expectations. I don't profess to be the brainchild behind the title question of this post, and in full transparency I was probably as content tending to my own pride rituals. But then, a riveting call out on Facebook Live from a trans-rapper, Foxjazell, claiming that Pride is not helping LGBT people..... check out the video to see her protesting vlog.

Just in case your co-workers are looking over your shoulder and you had to mute, here is a quick recap; The clip begins with Foxjazell protesting "I don't need any fucking Digital flowers!" and she then denounces the pride social media likes and shares as insufficient. "Oh.. oh I support you for pride..! Pride?! What the fuck is there to be proudful about!?! The fact that I have these middle age white men in my inbox... asking for dick... on Grinder!" after crashing glass is heard as she slams against objects not in view of camera. Foxjazell then exclaims "My black trans life doesn't matter!" Leading into the clip the trans rapper expressed feelings of being overlooked and discounted during Los Angeles pride festivities.

Pride festivities typically trigger images of fun and enthusiastic celebration accompanied by rainbow flags, parties, and drinking. This is also the time when corporate sponsors throw millions of dollars at LGBTQ organizations to show solidarity with the community during the month of June. Month + $$$$ + Solidarity = Happy Community right!? However, Foxjazell's passionate outburst evoke the question; Is the parade enough? Is the party enough?

Fozjazelle finishes her Pride slam with frustrated references to her neighbor, a SAG actor and member of the LGBTQ community, who allegedly made a fake police report about the trans-rapper.. Check that story out here:

To answer Fox Jazelle's charge against Pride, a glance into the history of Pride would be appropriate. For that take a look at this news clip from DC reporter for WUSA9, Michael Quander, explaining Stonewall and the beginning of Pride.