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Gay Rapper Becomes First LGBT Cannabis Model

Check out the Cali Green Gold campaign featuring Anye Elite.

The LGBT and cannabis communities share a long history but like most things, in history, it can get easily get lost in the sauce.

Gay activists advocated for access to marijuana beginning in the early 1980s to provide therapy to HIV/Aids patients. Even with this history LGBT tend to represented at lower rates in the cannabis industry as compared to their percentage as consumers.

That's why rapper, cultural commentator, and LGBT activist Anye Elite was ecstatic to become the first openly gay black man to model for a national cannabis brand.

Cali Green Gold's assortment of prerolls blunts, and canna-gars are on display in the new campaign. Anye's smoking The Benny Cannagar “Bennygar” is made from their finest private reserve flowers and 100% vegan ink for the ultimate high roller experience.

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