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Gay Politician Runs Against NY Homophobe

Meet Ritchie Torres; the black gay Barrack Obama.

After making history as becoming the youngest elected official New York City; Bronx city councilman Ritchie Torres is embarking on a new personal journey to represent more New Yorkers and displace an incumbent known for his history of making homo-phobic remarks.

In the video below Torres details some of inspiring story that led him to this point. LGBT people are really having a moment in politics. In addition to Torres, Pete Buttigieg, another openly gay politician is leading 2020 democratic candidates in fundraising after announcing an impressive 24.78 million haul. For the record Ritchie Torres is currently leading his opponents in donors as well.

Ruben Diaz Sr. is Torres' main opponent, a 76 year old Pentecostal minister who's developed a reputation as anti-gay by making deeply homophobic remarks over decades.

We'll be following the election and we'll bring you any updates.


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