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Buttigieg To Go On Fox News Tonight

As a historic candidacy faces multiple headwinds.

At 7 p.m. est. the South Bend mayor & first openly gay candidate for president will be sitting down for a town hall with Chris Wallace.

Despite being one of the top fund raisers in the 2020 democratic presidential primary; Pete Buttigieg's campaign has been dogged by low support among African-American's and questions about the weight and relevance of his experience.

Not His First Time At The Rodeo

He Needs Biden Voters

That's why it makes sense that with days before the Iowa Primary he'd want to emphasize his moderate bona-fides by going into the conservative lion's den. It's actually surprising that Biden and Klobuchar hadn't already thought about doing it.

Anger From The Left & The Middle

In Chicago at a fundraising event with about 300 people in attendance, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, was interrupted by two demonstrators while he was trying to answer questions.

One of protesters asked Buttigieg, 38, an openly gay Afghanistan War veteran, how a "transgender, queer, or nonbinary teen who is disowned by their wealthy, homophobic parents and therefore cannot afford college" can further their education "because you oppose universal free public education and the majority of voters do?”

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