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Allegations Of Racism Arise At Las Vegas LGBT Center

According to a Las Vegas dancer and community leader the local LGBT, the center is not a welcoming place for African-American men. Earlier in the week, BQMLV co-founder CJ Edwards took to social media to share a negative experience while going to get his monkeypox vaccination. Watch below to hear his side of the encounter.

Statistics show that monkeypox is disproportionately affecting black and brown men who have sex with men. LGBT centers and public health offices have become the access point for protection. This makes it exceptionally concerning that this high-risk population is potentially being met with any type of stigma or discrimination jeopardizes the public health community's effort to contain and eradicate this viral outbreak.

According to an additional video Edward put out on Instagram, someone from the center send him an email apologizing for the incident.

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What say you?

Do you think that the lady was being racist or just trying to be funny?

  • Just trying to be funny.

  • Clearly being racist.


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