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The already progressive state just became a lot moreso.

California will expand access to HIV prevention drugs by allowing pharmacies to offer the medications without a prescription under a law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, the Los Angeles Times reported. Senate Bill 159, by Sen. Scott Wiener ( D-San Francisco ) and Assemblyman Todd Gloria ( D-San Diego ), allows pharmacists to dispense pre-exposure prophylaxis, known as PrEP, and post-exposure prophylaxis, known as PEP, in a way similar to birth control and emergency contraceptives. The law will also ban insurance companies from requiring prior authorization before the HIV prevention drugs are provided.

HIV and Homelessness are two of the most persistent dangers facing young black queer Angelenos. A few years ago we had the opportunity to visit a youth center that assisted urban LGBTQ youth in the Los Angeles area. Check out the vid below.

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