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School Closed Instead Of Hosting Gay City Council Member

Immaculata Catholic School, in Durham, sent a letter home to parents on Thursday letting them know the school would be closed the following day after learning that several groups intended to protest in response to Councilwoman Vernetta Alston’s participation in the planned event, which was to honor African-American women. Alston is an alumnus of the school. Alston addressed the controversy in a statement on twitter.

It's questionable that this should be regarded as news worthy considering the location and the nature of school. As a city council member I imagine that Alston wants to serve all of her constituents. However, I wonder why progressive politicians don't make a point of avoiding traditionally oppressive institutions like the catholic church. Of course in this instance; it's a little more personal since the council lady went to the school.

It's a shame that the children missed an opportunity to learn about the diverse leadership that makes their community work. Let's pray for more tolerance.

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