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Banks Discriminate Against Gay Couples For Mortgages

A recent study completed by the University of Chicago found that male couples (particularly black gay male couples) face the highest rate of mortgage discrimination.

The study states that "any FHA application filed by same-sex male co-applicants is significantly less likely to be approved compared to the white heterosexual baseline (holding lending risk constant)." This means that two couple with the same credit scores can have totally different experiences based on race and sexuality.

Since most fair housing laws only contain protections for race, gender and religion. Discrimination is already notoriously hard to prove but the pain is compounded by the fact that sexual orientation has yet to find it's way into current legislation.

Advocating for stronger protections on the local and state level seems to be the most effective way of changing the tide. In addition to sexuality; ability to pay should also be taken into consideration. What say you?

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