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Anye Elite & Blesd Tha Rapper Team Up For Raunchy Remix

Many gay men know that Jack'd and Grindr can become exhausting once the messages start coming in. Mu What should one do when they literally have "too many hoes up on they phone"? Well, Bay area artist Blesd Tha Rapper and Philly native Anye Elite team up on an "NSFW" with all the answers.

The song is a remix of a single Elite released last year. Blesd's flow on this track is reminiscent of Cardi B and lifts the track to an entirely new level. "On My Phone" is the second song by Blesd Tha Rapper currently streaming on #FunnyMoneyRock the nation's only syndicated playlist for LGBT urban acts his single "Streetz" is also on the line-up.

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