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Remy Ma Gives Gay Rapper Instagram Shout Out

Rapper and Love and Hip-Hop reality star Remy Ma's latest single "Melanin Magic" is all about getting black women to celebrate their unique skin tones. Now, Rapper Anye Elite is doing the same for men.

In an obvious tribute to the "shEther" artist, Rapper and gay rights activist just released a remix of Remy's Ma's latest Melanin Magic. Both songs are available on Apple Music and Spotify. Remy's Melanin Magic features Chris Brown and samples Mint Conditions's 1991 hit "Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)". In the absence of Chris Brown's vocals Anye pulls double duty rapping and singing. Elite's rap verses also preaches self-love, not before name checking some of Hollywood's most notable African-American leading men including Emmy award winning "This Is Us" actor Sterling K. Brown. Check the song out below.

Elite also references a number of other pop stars in an attempt to illustrate the wider range of skin pigments around the country. In a recent interview with Georgia Voice magazine, Elite announced that he'd be releasing one song a month. Since his latest track "Real Reasons' debuted at the beginning of the month there's no word on rather or not fans should expect a new track in February.